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YZ1025 Armed Transport by HandofManos

As always your work impresses. This is just another perfect example of a great piece of artwork: Vision: Star wars is one of those aren...

Panther M41 Light Scout Walker by HandofManos

Another amazing pieces my friend. Your executions always amaze me. Now lets break it down: Vision (4-stars) - You continue to translate...


Sneak Peak: Daedalus-Class Coalition Destroyer WIP by ChroniclesofMan
Sneak Peak: Daedalus-Class Coalition Destroyer WIP
I don't often post WIPs this early in the design progress (i.e., with my sketches still as part of the base art), but I am quite excited about the new direction I am heading with the Coalition (who are far more advanced in CoM 3.0), and I figured I'd give you a early look at the first stages of my artwork.  

Hope you enjoy the WIP.  -Josh


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I am a digital artist. This is my hobby, and I love every minute of it.
Good Morning All! (Or whatever time it may be when you read this).

Today I wanted to give everyone a little teaser at what CoM 3.0 will be, and what it will mean to you as fans of the series, the artwork, and universe building in general.

CoM 3.0 is the grown up and ready for prime-time evolution of the series.  After spending years listening to you as fans as well as my early members, fellow artists, and general commentators I've taken a lot into the series to craft something I think you'll enjoy being a part of.  So lets start with some question and answers:

What is Chronicles of Man (3.0)?

Chronicles of Man is an open-source science fiction universe set primarily near the turn of the fourth millennium.  In the main universe story line, humanity has spread out across our relatively small corner of the cosmos, using faster than light travel and a series of charted bridges in space time that allow ships to travel instantaneously across great distances.  Hundreds of Star Nations have sprung up across the starts, with Kingdoms, Republics, Communes, and all sort sorts of other social and political systems governing the trillions of humans spread across the stars. 

3.0 introduces a much larger play map.  Superpowers loose a lot of their clout in terms of sheer scale compared to the rest of the cosmos (map to follow) and give you, the players, more room to flex your nation's muscles.  It also introduces new technologies that will give you more flexibility to design starships the way you want, arm them the way you want, and fight them the way you want.  Furthermore, new guidelines on everything from hand-guns to medical technology will give you room to stretch your imagination and craft something really exciting.

Ok.  That sounds interesting but you only have a deviant art page with pictures right? 

Wrong. Chronicles of Man has had a website for some time now.  That being said, its usability and benefit to you - lets call you a Citizen (because that's what you're going to be called on the new website ;) - has been somewhat limited.  Well CoM 3.0 saw me plunking down a good deal of my own money to hire professional developers to give the series a website that you can use and enjoy.  With features like consolidating your artwork, wiki articles, and stories in a single page for you and others to few, you'll be able to organize your work and see all that you've created as well as show others. 

With a visually enticing stories pages, authors for the series will be able to upload their stories in a accessible and beautiful way with feature rich cover art and a commenting system for you to get feedback.  

With a tailored Universe codex, you'll be able to create awesome universe pages that tell others about your nation, the ship's they use, and the characters who live inside them.  All while linking to other user's pages and sites.  

Additionally, with CoM 3.0 you'll get a robust forum set where you can propose ideas, discuss the universe, talk with friends, organize gaming efforts/writing efforts/etc., and even join in CoM's growing roleplay community.

So when will the website be up?

Right now, the new website is in development and is starting programing.  Hopefully within the next month I'll be able to release it to the public but stay tuned on this page for more information and news.

There is already so much going on in Chronicles of Man, I'd feel lost if I joined now.

Chronicles of Man has been in development by me for the last 10 years of my life.  It has gone through many changes and many evolutions till it became the more mature universe it is today.  As such, the history behind some of the tiniest things is very rich and detailed.  That being said, a friendly welcome guide on the forum, a simple map to orient you, and a helpful and accessible group of moderators will help you settle into the universe just fine.  

Ok, but what about any games or gameplay within the series?

With CoM 3.0, the focus is going to be opening the universe up to the larger community and producing products which you will use to craft your own stories and characters in the universe.  With that expansion and repository of all things CoM in a single place, you'll be able to easily work within the universe.  My hope is down the road the community can help me craft the type of game they want to see, be it an actual computer game or a roleplaying game.  That is to be seen.  Till then, a robust roleplay community and the opportunity to create your own roleplays will provide a chance to bring some interactive life to the characters, technology, and worlds you create.


In closing, this is just a peak at what is to come but CoM 3.0 is one of my most ambitious iterations of CoM to date.  With broader community tools and a more open policy and ruleset, the series should be more accessible to you.  And let me make it clear, you don't have to be a great author or a great artist to enjoy CoM.  When 3.0 is launched, I encourage you to join the site and make some friends and see where it takes you.  Who knows, you may just land among the stars.


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CoM 3.1 Ship Redesigns and Re-Detail: After Careful Consideration I've decided I am going to work on some major redesigns and re-details of the ships (superseding the work I've already done). So now its your turn to weigh in on the direction CoM could go 

98 deviants said Futuristic Realism - Ships would have a decidedly advanced look and feel with a focus on ultra-high tech look (Think Mass Effect)
45 deviants said Modern Realism - Ships would have a modern feel, with the technology of today morphed to serve the functions and feel of a futuristic space navy. (Think Wing Commander)
11 deviants said Future-Past Realism - Ships would have a retro-ish feel. Think things like wired phones and manual hand valves (Think Galactica)
7 deviants said Futuristic Cool - Disregard the technical aspect of the design for the sake of sleek and epic looking ships. Add giant fins and towers with a high tech feel. (Think Tron)
7 deviants said Modern Cool - Disregard the technical aspect for tough and modern inspired ships. Hulls would be complicated but advanced with a homage to modern ships.
7 deviants said Something Else...Please Comment.
4 deviants said Future-Past Cool - Disregard the technical aspect for rugged and retro designs that border on the steam-punk-ish.


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Shadow009 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
cant wait to work on COM more ^^
dropskiler Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
ahhh Holidays no exams, no work....but sadly also no activity on DA...ehhh.
typical-unusual Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
good to see several new posts from your account again. I hope you go back into star trek again some day.
dropskiler Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
So, my question is whether the CoM ships have any method of close defense beyond the counter-missiles? I understand that the main armament of the ship in CoM universe are missiles traveling at a speed of 0.X c or mass drivers/las cannons  depending on nation doctrine and armor>shields>counter-missiles seve as ships defence , but what about light craft or boarding shuttles? Not equiping ship with weapons capable of engaging such targets simply because lighter fleet vessels can is not wise idea (same reason why modern naval vessels still have HMG mounts) and shooting them down with CM-s is...well like trying to kill a fly with a cannon.
P.S. Sorry for prying but i'm simply curious.
ChroniclesofMan Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh there are many types of defensive weapon types.  There are rapid fire rail guns, laser batteries (turrets and arrays), and even plasma flak and burst fire weapons for more "wide area" point defense against smaller vessels.  In addition, CoM 3.0 will see the introduction of the importance of small craft and anti-small craft weaponry.

Hope that helps.
dropskiler Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
Yes, thanks for answer :)
dropskiler Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
I know that new CoM release date is TBD but can you give us some approximation?
ChroniclesofMan Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can say that 3.0 should be launching in the next month or so. :D
LtCWest Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
Hello good sir.

I came here after I picture popped up on my watchlist. This is it.…
I have been watching :iconadamkop: for a while now and he makes excellent 3D modells for comissions. He might be a useful asset in the future.

I thought Id let you know.
ChroniclesofMan Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adam and I are acquaintances actually. He's been working in the CoM realm lightly for some time.  Great guy, and yeah he does wonderful 3D models.  Thanks for the tip though!
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